Gunma: the homeland of water水のふるさと ぐんま

Gunma is surrounded by mountains like Mt. Tanigawa and “The Three Mountains of Jomo:” Mt. Akagi, Mt. Myogi and Mt. Haruna. Gunma has beautiful natural scenery and pure water. From the valleys to the plains, each area’s wells, groundwater and springs have their own distinctive flavor, and these flavors are a fundamental building block in the production of Gunma’s sake. High quality water is vital to sake. Each area’s breweries employ unique techniques to bring these distinct flavors to their sake. With every sip of sake, you experience a piece of Gunma.


What Gunma’s like群馬県はこんなところです。

What is Sake?日本酒とは

From ancient times characteristic techniques have been employed to brew the alcoholic rice wine called sake. Sake has been cherished by people for centuries and its roots in Japanese culture run deep. Sake is brewed in the same manner as wine, but rice, water and rice malt are fermented instead of grapes.


What is sake?日本酒とはのページへ

Enjoy Gunma jizakeぐんまの地酒を楽しむ

The joy of Japanese sake is the joy traveling itself. When you drink local sake, you get a taste of the climate of the place where it was made and experience a piece of its culture. The originality of each brew has come to be known as, jizake, or “local sake brands.” Gunma is a producer of many such signature jizake brands.


Gunma Jizake群馬県はこんな地酒があります

Enjoy Gunma’s Cuisineぐんまの食を楽しむ

A myriad of delicious foods are made in Gunma using the wide variety of agricultural products produced here throughout the year. Pairing one of Gunma’s signature sakes with a local dish will enhance your enjoyment of both the food and the sake.


Gunma Food群馬県はこんな料理があります
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