Gunma’s Foodぐんまの料理

There are a lot of delicious foods to try in Gunma.

With the wealth of natural water sources, clean air and fertile farmland, all of the ingredients used in Gunma’s cuisine can be grown locally. Everything from the produce to the river fish and meats are superb. We recommend you try the salty-sweet hot pot called Sukiyaki, made by boiling beef, vegetables and tofu together with soy sauce and sugar. Or try the top class Ginhikari rainbow trout, which is one of Gunma’s most famous dishes that pairs well with sake.



Famous Gunma cuisine
that pairs well with sake日本酒に合う群馬県の名物料理

  • Sukiyakiすき焼き

    Salty-sweet hot pot

  • Motsuni モツ煮

    chicken, pork, beef and vegetable hot pot

  • Yakitori焼きとり

  • Ginhikari ギンヒカリ

    high-grade rainbow trout

  • Kawazakana no Shioyaki 川魚の塩焼き

    Salt-fried river fish

  • Namazu no tenpura なまずの天ぷら

    catfish tempura

  • Sansai no tempura山菜の天ぷら

    mountain vegetable tempura

  • Sobaそば

    buckwheat noodles

  • Konnyakuこんにゃく

    jelly made from tuber root

  • Okkirikomi おっきりこみ

    wide udon noodles

  • Sosukatsudonソースかつ丼

    Breaded pork bowl with sauce

  • Yakimanju焼きまんじゅう

    bread skewer with sweet and salty sauce

There are a lot of foods that you can find in Gunma that pair well with sake.
At your next restaurant or hotel stay try pairing Gunma food and sake together.